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We’re getting more submissions than we could possibly publish. If you really want to become a Wonderlust contributor, please stick to the following guidelines to make the process as smooth as possible.
We welcome our audience to submit articles with original, relevant and quality content. Before submitting an article, please read our Contributer’s Guidelines carefully.
Please note that we do not have a budget for freelance submissions.

Contributor’s Guidelines

Please read carefully before submitting your story

Wonderlust is the desire to see and do more, to discover and explore this wonderful world. We’re passionate about showcasing the best from the realms of urban lifestyle, food, hospitality, design and things to do in the world’s most exciting destinations.
We love to produce and curate highly informative, entertaining and inspirational articles for people who love to travel.
We accept submissions for the following sections:

Travel Story

This is the place to share your unique and motivational travel story with the world.

Write it in first person and past tense. Make it vivid with details, facts, descriptions, emotions and observations. Include your location, what you were doing and why. Be honest and bold. Have a theme and a point to the story.

Remember, we want to feature unique experiences – adding quotes from locals or people you meet during the experience can create authenticity.

  • 2-8 images (jpg, 1920px long side)
  • Ca. 800 words
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Get to Know a Destination

This is an introductory piece for a city or destination. It’s like “a weekend in…” article but without time constraints. It should comprise of everything essential for readers to get a proper overview and a feel for a place. It should entail must-see sights, venues or activities. Provide images if appropriate.

If one of the items includes a popular tourist attraction, such as seeing the Eiffel Tower when you visit Paris, include information that will improve the reader’s experience. Example, “When getting to know Paris you must visit the Eiffel Tower. To avoid long cues, make sure to book your tickets online ahead of time…”

This piece should be a light and easy read – an overview. Don’t go into full detail about each recommended venue or activity.

  • Max. 10 images (jpg, 1920px long side)
  • Ca. 800 words
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Travel Tips & How Tos

Help your fellow Wonderlusters by sharing your advice, tips and secrets in regards to all things travel.

Must be a short, precise and instructional piece with the use of lists and images if needed. Also include helpful links that would bring value to the reader.

Example: Top travel apps, how to travel cheap, how to pack for long trips, saving money etc.

  • Max. 10 images (jpg, 1920px long side)
  • Ca. 400 words
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Local Life

Do you live in a great neighbourhood or suburb? Show us the best bars, activities, street-food…introduce us to your hood.

We want to hear about your local experience. For example; are you or do you know an innovator in Istanbul’s Kadiköy, a digital entrepreneur in San Francisco’s Mission district, a vegan restaurant owner in Berlin’s Kreuzberg – please, tell us!

A couple of images capturing the spirit of the place are important.

  • 2-8 images (jpg, 1920px long side)
  • Ca. 800 words
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When the Sun Sets

Bring us on a nightlife tour of your favourite destination. We’re looking for details on how the place changes after sunset.

Show us what a fun evening would look like. Take us through the must-see restaurants, bars, sunset lookouts and raves. We’re looking for local experiences and not the ones covered by major guidebooks.

Keep in mind that the article doesn’t have to be about partying.

  • 2-8 images (jpg, 1920px long side)
  • Ca. 800 words
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Life on the Road

We want to highlight the lives of people who live location independent lifestyles. This can include travelling surfing instructors, yoga teachers, perpetually traveling creatives or digital nomad entrepreneurs. It should focus on how and why the person lives that lifestyle.

We want the article to inspire the reader to think about alternative concepts of living life. It can be an interview or portrait of another person, or a general article about a specific niche.

  • 2-8 images (jpg, 1920px long side)
  • Ca. 800 words
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Embarrassing, weird, wild and wonderful experiences or encounters from your travels. We’re looking for outrageous and crazy stories. We will allow articles to be published anonymously.

The weird encounters in the life of a flight-attendant, unexpected three-somes at house parties in New Zealand, incidents while on a Bangkok pub crawl, how you got eaten by a shark while surfing in Australia, etc. We want to hear about it!

Photos are not a must.

  • Ca. 400 words
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Food & Drinks

Dig into a country or a region’s food culture. Tell us about the food history, most-celebrated dishes, unknown bites, munchie favorites, the genealogy of a dish, or variations of a dish within an area.

You can also conduct an interview or a portrait of a restaurant owner, barista, street-stall hustler, food blogger or any foodie related to the region.

  • 2-8 images (jpg, 1920px long side)
  • Ca. 400-800 words
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This section highlights the best photography around the world and should inspire people to travel. We want the photography to speak – to tell a story.

You must provide an engaging intro and short, informative captions for the images. Provide a short bio about you/the photographer.

  • 5-8 images (jpg, 1920px long side)
  • Ca. 250 words
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Showcasing creative individuals of a destination from the realms of music, visual arts, writing or performance. The artist or the art should have a connection to travel. The writing must include examples of the artist’s work or website.

Music: Links to YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp etc.
Visual Art: Images in JPG (max. 1920 long side)
Writers: Excerpt in text form (max. 100 words)
Performances: Links to YouTube, Vimeo etc.

  • Ca. 250-400 words
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